Lunch with Chef Tavares Pinto

About Chef Tavares Pinto

Native to the Douro Valley, Chef Tavares Pinto has over 20 years of experience as head chef in renowned restaurants including Rellais & Chateaux Quinta da Romaneira, Quinta Nova, and the Aquapura Douro Valley, all of which have been highly regarded by the Portuguese gastronomy media.

Casa da Encosta, owned by Chef José Pinto, is a charming rustic lodge located in the scenic village of São Cristovão and with a beautiful view over the conflux of the Pinhão river with the Douro river. Indoors or outdoors, depending on weather conditions, you’ll be personally catered by the chef a mouth-watering meal prepared with fresh local ingredients. Tell us what you’d like to eat or let the Chef surprise you. A range of fire cooking, traditional Douro Valley specialties and luxury Portuguese Tapas are available. All cooking can be closely observed. You’ll be able to experience the process, the smells and the passion of the chef right in front of our eyes.

This unique experience is worth 80€ per person in addition to the cost of your selected tour, and includes a carefully selected line-up of Douro DOC premium wines of different styles and characteristics that will be paired with your lunch courses. It’s a great opportunity to have a close and relaxed meal with a local chef and sommelier, enjoying great views, fantastic food and wine, and having a great time at Casa da Encosta.