Wine Region


There is evidence to suggest that vines in the Douro Valley date back from 4 thousand years ago. Widely explored by the Romans in the first century AD the Douro vineyards are still expanding today.

The Douro Valley was the first in the world to be demarcated and regulated in 1756, and has been granted the acclaimed title of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The region’s unique terroir is home to more than 120 varieties of grape. The Douro Valley extends through 250 thousand hectares of area (600.000 acres), 80km wide (50 miles), a difference in altitude of +/- 700 meters (more than 2million feet), and its the largest area of mountain vineyard on Earth.

We truly believe that the Douro Valley is one of the world’s most notorious wine region for several facts. We will name two: it has an incredibly precious amount of indigenous and unique grape varieties; its vast wine and vine culture and tradition, where vines older than 120 years old and bottles of vintage Port and mellow tawnies from the 18th century can still be found.

Douro Valley majestic scenery is certainly one of the most incredible in the “wine world”. The magnificent terraces were first handmade hundreds of years ago and they are an everyday reminder of the impressive power of people. Privileged by nature, the Douro Valley was turned by its locals into what we are sure of being the world’s most beautiful wine region. Make us a visit.